From within the Curator Console, you note that some of the Artists have confirmed all their Artworks but have not finalised their submission.


Requiring the Artist to finalise their submission is important for the following reasons:

  • The Artist is required to confirm if hold an ABN and if so whether they are registered for GST. This is important for determining the amounts to be remitted upon sale of Artworks.

  • When the Artist finalises their submission all changes are locked. This is important because Curators need to know in advance of delivery day all Artworks that will be included in the Art Show in order to plan the Art Show Layout.

We recommend that you email these artists and request that they complete Step 5. Finalise Submission in order for their Art Works to be included in the Art Show. To assist them you can refer them to the following:

  • Article #43000305224 - I need to Finalise my Submission. How do I do this?