The Art Show invitations have been sent to the Artists, but not all Artists have confirmed they will be entering the Art Show.

Artists that have logged on and confirmed their interest will display one the following icons  within

Curator Console > Artists :  | Invite | 

Green thumbs up means the Artist has confirmed their intention to enter the Art Show
Red Thumbs down means the Artist has confirmed that they do not intend to enter the Art Show.
Red Circle indicates that the Artist does not wish to be contacted for entering future Art Shows.


Artists that confirmed either was can be easily identified with the ? icon 


1. It is recommended that Curators  first try to Resend link. This will result in the invitation being resent to the Artist.

2. If the Artist still does not log on after a few days, it's best to email or call them directly. 

3. Curators can confirm the Artists interest on their behalf per the following steps.

i) Go Curator Console > Artists > Click on Status link 

ii) Click on the links to confirm whether Artist is entering

- Once updated, return to the Artist List. 

iii) Artists that will not entering the Art Show may also be removed from the Artist List.

iv) The Artist can be Deleted or Archived for return to future shows.