I've been advised by the Art Show Curator that my Art Show Submission has not yet been finalised and that this is essential for determining amounts remitted in the event of a sale.


1. Logon to the Artist Dashboard (the same website used to upload Artworks)

2. If you have not already confirmed all your relevant Artworks as listed, please first read this:

Article: 43000291791 - How do I confirm my Artworks that are to be included in the Show?

3. With your Artworks confirmed, Go to Step 5. Finalise Submission and complete the following details.

  • ABN number is applicable and if so whether they are registered for GST. This is important for determining the amounts to be remitted upon sale of Artworks.
  • Note that if no ABN is provided, a Statement of Supplier form will be required to be uploaded.

Still not working?

We can help you through this, but you need to send through via email a screenshot of the error you have encountered. To screenshot simply hit [Ctrl]+[PrtSc] on your laptop and then paste into an email to 

- Without a picture, it is very hard for us to know where you are stuck in the process.

Please Note

Once the Artist Submission is finalised, changes to the Artworks are locked. 

This is important because Curators need to know in advance of delivery day all Artworks that will be included in the Art Show in order to plan the Art Show Layout.