You may have been contacted by the Curator of the Art Show, informing you that you have unconfirmed Artworks. Whilst the work is unconfirmed, it will not appear in the Online Catalogue. Furthermore, if it is unconfirmed, the Art Show will not be able to received your Art Work on the agreed delivery day.


Artworks that have not been confirmed, should either be deleted or confirmed prior to delivery day.

Confirming also assigns your Artwork a unique Catalogue number, so it is an important step for you to complete if you wish for the work to be included and available for Sale in the Art Show. 

1. Log on to the Artist Dashboard

2. Go to Tab 2. Submit Artworks

3. Note from the Column titled "Included in Show?", the works that do not have a green tick have not been confirmed.

4. Decided whether to delete or confirm the Artwork.

To Delete an unconfirmed Artwork:

i)  Click on the Delete Icon

2. Click Remove

To Confirm an unconfirmed Artwork:

i)  Click on Confirm Listing

ii) Click Yes, List this Artwork please

5. Once you have confirmed your Artworks, you are also required to Finalise your submission. Please read the following:

Article 43000305224 - I need to Finalise my Submission. How do I do this?