Not all Artworks are appearing in the Online Catalogue. You want to determine which Artworks are missing and how to make them available in the Online Catalogue.


Artworks will not appear in the Online Catalogue if:

  • An image has not been supplied, or
  • The Artwork has not been confirmed.

When an Artist has not confirmed the Artwork, there is a secondary step of confirming the work that the Artist is required to complete.

To determine what Art Works have not been confirmed, got to the Artist Tab of the Curator Console and Add filter for Unsubmitted higher than 0.

Per the illustration below, the Artist has 3 Confirmed Artworks and 1 Unconfirmed Artwork. Presently, only 3 of the 4 images will appear in the Online Catalogue. 

Click  on the Unconfirmed Item Count, and check that it has not been flagged for Removal by Artist.


A) If the Artwork has  a Listing Status of Removed

- the Curator should confirm the deletion of the Artwork. This will delete the Artwork from the database.

- and click OK

B) If the Artwork has a Listing Status of Waiting Confirmation

For Artworks Waiting Confirmation, Curators should email the Artist and request them to either:

i) Confirm the Artwork is included in Art Show, or

ii) Delete the Artwork.

Here are some instructions to assist the Artist with confirming their Art Works:

  • Article #43000291791 - How do I confirm my Artworks that are to be included in the Show?