Art Show ASAP is a new platform that began over one year ago. The initial development and testing is now complete and we are beginning to accept new customers. This phase of release is called "Ramp Up".

Ramp Up will allow our team to selectively onboard new customers and ensure that our systems and support processes are scaling successfully. Ramp Up is currently scheduled to complete on 31 March 2019. 

Once Ramp Up is completed, Art Show ASAP will be generally available to the wider community and a new pricing structure will be announced.

What does Ramp Up mean to New Customers?

  1. Fantastic Ramp Up pricing that will be grandfathered for future years should you stay on our platform.
  2. The platform will be undergoing continuous improvement during Ramp Up and we'll be seeking your feedback.
  3. We'll work closely with you to ensure your requirements are met and your event runs smoothly.  
  4. Kudos to you for being an early adopter of our exciting new platform.