You are trying to upload an image of your Artwork, the App is showing the following message

       Sorry - this image is a little big for us to handle. Can you please upload an image smaller than 1MB.                      

You have a high resolution photograph of your Artwork suitable for printing. Unfortunately, high-resolution images are not so suitable for web-pages as they consumes lots of bandwidth when viewing and are slow to load.

You will need to resize these images before uploading. A 500KB image will still look fantastic on a computer screen or device. 


All graphics and image processing software packages include the ability to resize images. Find below a simple method using free software included with your PC.

Using Microsoft Paint:

  1. Open the photo in Microsoft Paint 

  2. Select the resize button 

  3. Resize by Pixels and specify the horizontal width of 1000 pixels 

    i)   Select Pixels radio button

    ii)  Leave Maintain aspect ratio checked.

    iii) Changing horizontal width to 1000 pixels automatically scales the image

  4. Save as new image as a .jpg. (taking note of the file location)

For more details and options for non-PC users go to